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Going Out

Dining in Torshavn

Most restaurants in Torshavn are open from 11.30 – 22.00. 


For Thursday 31st August and Friday 1st September, you should look into the availabilities when it comes to dining. The best restaurants are very popular among tourists and locals, so it is a good idea to book tables well in advance.


Recommend restaurants for larger groups:

Hotel Hafnia – Restaurant PanoramaONLY FOR THURSDAY, 31st AUGUST:

Fish buffet on Hotel Hafnias top floor Restaurant with a spectacular view over the city, where you will be enjoying the catch of the day with your colleagues. Possibility for larger groups of colleagues. Book a table with this link and select in the drop down menu: Fish Buffet NSCMID Congress and select 31st August as date for the booking:


Hotel Føroyar – Restaurant Gras:

Carvery Buffet at the Restaurant Gras at Hotel Føroyar. Dine with amazing views overlooking the capital city and Nólsoy island. Possibility for larger group bookings here:


Hotel Tórshavn – Brasserie Hvonn:

This restaurant is situated at Hotel Tórshavn and has a fast speed of service and serves good food. You will get the pleasure of getting more value for the money.

Book for a smaller or larger groups here: 


 - The local recommend the British style Fish & Chips at this restaurant.


Other dining spots

Heimablýdni. A unique possibility to dine in a house with a local family. At Anna and Óli’s house you will have a sustainable dining experience in relaxing surroundings in their own home, where they are serving food from their own farm with locally produced beer. You will experience how life in the Faroe Islands is, socialize and get a good introduction to Faroese food. Anna and Ólis house is situated in Velbastaður, 10 min drive from Tórshavn. Minimum bookings for a party of 8 and must  be prepaid. Book Heimablýdni with Anna & Óli with this email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


KOKS. A michelin starred restaurant in Kirkjubø – very booked restaurant, so you will need to be quick with the bookings: TableBooking.aspx-KOKS


Restaurant Áarstova. Serve delicious Faroese lamb legs: TableBooking.aspx-RestaurantÀarstova


Fish House Barbara. Fresh caught seafood at the tapas restaurant: TableBooking.aspx-FishHouseBarbara


Katrina Christiansen. A cosy restaurant in historical location serving tapas in a Faroese way: Easytablebooking.com-KatrinaChristenen


Etika. Sushi with freshly caught seafood at fancy designer restaurant: TableBooking.aspx-Etika


Restaurant Ræst.Try out the fermented menu, where even the drinks are fermented: TableBooking.aspx-RestauranteRæst


Fútastova. French bistrot serves a solid casserole of boeuf bourguignon followed by a selection of cheese for dessert: TableBooking.aspx-Fútastova

Se more about dining and going out at: www.visittorshavn.fo



Shopping is Tax Free in the Faroe Islands. Read more: www.visittorshavn.fo

Sight seeing


The rocky promontory of Tinganes on the foreshore of Tórshavn has been the home of the Faroese parliament for over a thousand years.

Initially the thing at Tinganes was a public assembly, or Althing, where all free men of the Faroe Islands could meet to discuss and decide on common matters. Later it became a løgting (lawthing), presided over by the løgmaður (lawman) and attended by representatives from each local region.


The thing met once a year during the summer, and was traditionally associated with Ólavsøka, (St Olav’s Wake) held on the 29th July. Initially it was held outdoors on the promontory, but later it moved into one of the small buildings on Tinganes.


From 1274 the lawthing operated under Norwegian laws drawn up by Magnus Lawmender, as well as administering specialist Faroese laws, such as those found in the 1298 Seyðabrævið (The Sheep Letter).

Towards the end of the 17th century the influence of the Løgting had begun to decline, and increasing power was held by representatives of the King.  By 1816 it had been abolished completely, and the Faroe Islands became a Danish county, ruled by a prefect and his civil servants.  However in 1852 it was re-established and it has continued to grow since then.


Today the Prime Minister’s office is currently located in one of the buildings on Tinganes. The area is home to some of the oldest houses in the city, some dating to the 14th century and others from the 17th and 18th centuries, which are still in use today.  There are also a number of rock carvings visible on the foreshore. It has been suggested that some of these carvings may relate to activities taking place at the thing.

Read more about Tinganes www.visittorshavn.fo


National Gallery of The Faroe Islands